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flea bites treatment remedy Flea Bites: Treatment

The most common type of insect bites are flea bites. Although fleas prefer dogs and cats and other animals as their host, humans can become close seconds. This risk is especially applicable to pet owners, who become fleas secondary preys to their pets.

Flea bites frequently occur on arm-pits, ankles, elbow and knees, and waist. Flea bites appear in clusters of bumps or spots. Flea bites are very itchy at times. Flea bites may occur in small bite clusters to several large clusters depending on the severity of the flea bites case. The mark of a flea bite is located at the center of the raised spot or bump.

Flea bites are typically more common in warm seasons. The frequency of flea bites increases during warm seasons or right after a rainy winter. It has also been determined that that certain people are more predisposed to to flea bites and reactions to flea bites.

Flea bites can be annoying, however, the good news is flea bites are not common carrers, nor transmit any known infectious or dangerous diseases. However, if flea bites become infected flea bites can cause secondary infections.

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Flea Bites Treatment

Frequently, flea bites disappear without complications. However, dark red marks may be left behind during the healing process. Some people develop an autoimmune defense against flea bites and over-time, have a tolerance to allergies caused by flea bites.

Pet owners need to be ensure pets maintain proper hygeine, grooming and flea control. If pets develop a flea infestation or place you at risk of potential health problems, contact your veterinarians for proper medical treatment.

Medications are also available for flea bites symptom relief - itching, inflammation (swelling), pain, redness. Cool compresses can be use dot alleviate flea bite swelling. Oatmeal baths can reduce itching. Calamine lotion and oral antihistamines are also used for reducing itch and inflammation. Topical steroid creams can be used, however, they are typically to low in dosage over-the-counter.

Flea Bites Prevention

Homes can be breading grouds for fleas. Regular vacuuming and proper house cleaning is an important household practice to prevent the recurrence of fleas. Methoprene may be applied to animal beddings and other areas where fleas may have established their dwellings. Many different types of flea collars exist that stop the flea breading cycle. Natural flea treatments also exist. Borax powder kills flea eggs by penetrating flea eggs while that lay in the carpet. Use of Borax powder requires a regimen of distributing Borax powder throughout the home and vacuuming up the powder one week following treatment.

Consult your pest control professionals and veterinarian for flea control methods for your household and treatment of pets. Pay attention to chemical ingredients that are contained within flea control products. Remember that children and minors are more sensitive to insecticides and pesticide in homes. Pets may also have an allergic or adverse reaction to pet sensitive flea control products. When in doubt error on the side of caution.

Insect repellents especially with diethyltoluamide (DEET) are a proven way to prevent fleas from biting human areas. DEET topical products may be applied on clothing or exposed skin.

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